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It is really no secret that a lot of people who take part in foreign exchange trading, particularly Forex trading, end up losing money…a lot of it!

Just take the time to inquire from any Forex broker the amount of dormant, depleted trading account that they have in their records.

Regarding newbie traders and their attempt of striking gold with Forex, the internet is saturated with advertised foreign exchange failure rates of about 80 to 95 percent! Though there is no official number, there is no doubt that the figure is up there.

There are lots of Forex trading strategies out where you can acquire more knowledge with how to invest your money on Forex marketing.

This is the part where you ask “why is it so hard to be a successful Forex trader? “Well, there are a number of factors that affect the success of new Forex traders.

Here are two well-known reasons why a lot of people do not become successful traders:

1. Unrealistic Expectations

A lot of people step into the foreign exchange trading arena after hearing that a friend of theirs made a huge killing with Forex trading. This has led to unrealistic expectations on the part of many new Forex traders, they fail to take into consideration, the amount of time and energy that is put into the trading Forex – it is not magic! Seriously, it is pretty much like rocket science.

It is no secret that many people think that being a Forex trader is the easy and they will be raking in the cash in no time. Unrealistic expectations of Forex were actually engineered by so-called Forex gurus, who claim that anyone can make tons of money in one day with Forex trading using the special software or robot that they have developed – this is nothing but a load of hogwash!  A new Forex trader will naturally be tempted to believe every single word these callous promoters say – so you need to be smart! Money does not grow on trees!

2.  Lack of Getting Forex Education

This is another factor that a lot of new traders fail to understand. It is impossible to be a successful Forex trader if you lack the proper Forex education! If you have plans of getting into the Forex trading arena, then you need to know that you cannot get by on your good looks! You need the right Forex education in order to increase your chances of raking in the cash! It is important that you understand that a lot of successful Forex traders owe their success to doing research, research and more research!

There are so many materials out there to help you with your Forex education; some websites even offer you the opportunity to open a demo Forex trading account. You get to trade with dummy money and enhance your trading skills greatly.

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