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A Reward of $4000 Annually for the Ten Top Traders

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An amount of $1000 or more in trading volume (including futures and copy transactions) is conducted on a daily basis.

The net profits made on a daily basis are greater than zero.

The Best Traders Each Month

Beginning at 8 o'clock in the morning on the eleventh of each month.

A sum of $200,000 worth of physical rewards, $1,600,000 in USDT, incentive bonuses, and vouchers are available.

Be sure to attend the Fairdesk Trading contest that will take place on 11th September, 2023.

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An opportunity to take part in a Fiardesk trading contest is being presented! Participate now in this competition hosted by Fiardesk.

X Model

Enjoying the benefits of a lifetime VIP membership of 5 years or more.

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*A sum of 20,000 USDT could be used instead.

Instead of 8,000 USDT.

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In lieu of 1000 USDT, one could opt for an alternative.

Condition Necessary For Something

The minimum trading volume must be at least one million for copy or futures trading.

The leaderboard ratings are determined by the sum of trading volume and PNL (Profit and Loss) over the challenge duration. The top 3 participants will obtain the corresponding awards.

The 'Superfan' honor will be given to the one who has the greatest amount of consecutive trading days. If these days are the same, then the award will go to whoever has the greatest trading volume.

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