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ATFX has launched an enticing 50% deposit bonus initiative for currency traders. Make use of this bonus to increase your trading capital and gain potential gains. Unearth the details on how to join and take advantage of this promotion.

A Direct Link with a 50% Forex Deposit Bonus is Available

Receive an advantage to your Forex trading with the ATFX 50% Deposit Bonus Promotion. Uncover how to leverage this limited-time opportunity and amplify your trading capital.

What is the process to access the 50% Deposit Bonus Promotion?

  • Submit the form and we will contact you soon
  • Start a Live trading account
  • Fund your account and redeem the bonus

In order to take part in this Forex Promotion and be qualified, clients must fulfill the following requirements:

By signing up a ATFX live trading account during the promotional period, customers are eligible to trade according to, and have accepted, the Standard Terms of Business.

In order to take part in the Forex Deposit Bonus Promotion, either a Minimum Deposit of US$500 must be made into a freshly established ATFX live trading account, which is not gathered, or an existing account with no trading activity in the past 6 months must be had.

Clients may use the Forex Credit Bonus for a maximum duration of 6 months from the time it is credited to their trading account. Beyond this, the bonus will be taken away.

No credit from this Forex Trading Bonus Promotion will be transferred to another. Once the Client has accepted these Terms, there is no possibility of them obtaining the credit, using it for trading, or participating in the same promotion in the future since it is only available to new Clients.

While this promotion is running, participants are not allowed to take part in any other foreign exchange promotional activities. ATFX expects all customers to go through and agree to the terms of this campaign once they have opened a new account.

Clients engaging with ATFX are given the opportunity to make an initial deposit prior to accepting the terms and conditions during the bonus promotion period.

Traders now have a chance to increase their forex trading accounts with the ATFX 50% Deposit Bonus Promotion. Understand more about how to make use of this promotion and develop your trading experience.

Forex Traders can Receive a Deposit Bonus with ATFX

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